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Are you planning your first transport of goods from a country outside the EU and do not know how it looks from the formal side? You have decided to cooperate with a company from outside the EU, but customs clearance makes you anxious? Use the services of our customs agents and find out how we can help you!

A customs agent acts as an intermediary between an importer and exporter and the Customs Office and acts on behalf of the operator – this enables us to take care of all the formalities related to customs clearance. Preparation of documentation and other customs activities are very burdensome and laborious and require specialized knowledge. It is also necessary to have appropriate programs and authorizations to send customs declarations. 

If you are interested in making a customs clearance, you need to have an EORI number – you can obtain one by registering your company in the Customs and Revenue Service’s computer system yourself or we can do it for you!

For our customers:

  • we prepare documents for export and import clearance and prepare customs declarations,
  • we carry out customs clearance under special procedures (customs warehousing, inward and outward processing, temporary admission, transit)
  • we verify the correctness of documents in terms of goods safety.
  • we submit applications and letters on behalf of the client to customs authorities in matters concerning customs declarations,
  • we represent clients before state border institutions such as: the State Sanitary, Veterinary, Phytosanitary Inspectorate or the Agricultural and Food Quality Inspection (WIJHARS)

By choosing to cooperate with ALLcom, you benefit from a company with many years of experience, not only in the Polish market, but also abroad. When working with foreign entities, you can use the services of our customs agency in various European ports and around the world! Bet on a company for which the requirements of state institutions are no secret.

As your business develops and the amount of imported or exported goods increases, choosing the right agency should be on your list of priorities.

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