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Ocean freight is one of the most cost-effective types of cargo transportation, used most often for importing goods from China. We can divide it into two types: FCL (Full Container Load) and LCL (Less Container Load). The abbreviation FCL refers to full container load freight, i.e. freight in which a container is used by a single consignee, while LCL refers to freight carrying so-called less-than-container load, i.e. shipments belonging to multiple consignees. What are the other differences between the aforementioned types of freight, and which will be the better option? We have included the answers to these questions in the following paragraphs.

FCL freight

FCL freight involves renting an entire container space. This involves high costs, but also the convenience of being able to transport multiple shipments at once. Larger wholesale companies usually opt for this option. It is also an ideal solution when dealing with bulky shipments of irregular shape.

LCL freight

LCL freight involves renting part of the cargo space in a container. The cost of this solution is lower than for FCL freight, because the rental price is divided by the number of orders. It is an option primarily for those sending single shipments and companies whose goods would not fill an entire container. An unquestionable advantage of this type of transportation is the absence of major obligations on the part of the shipper. The whole thing is limited to placing an order with a shipping or transport company, which is responsible for completing all the formalities.

Sea freight – ALLcom

ALLcom’s sea freight forwarding service applies to both FCL and LCL freight. By commissioning us to transport your goods, you can be sure that they will arrive safely at the destination port. The scope of our activities includes:

  • acceptance of the order
  • advice on the selection of the type of freight
  • implementation of loading and unloading of goods
  • preparation of documentation needed for customs clearance
  • selection of insurance for the transported goods
  • coordination of transshipment to other modes of transport.

To the question of what type of sea freight to choose, we answer: the right one for the type and size of the shipment. There are many types of containers with different capacities, so everything will depend on the organization of the specific transport. If you need to transport cargo by sea – we encourage you to contact us. Our specialists will help you choose the best possible solution at a reasonable price.