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Transportation from China of various types of items has been very popular for a long time. Entrepreneurs import both finished products and necessary semi-finished products for manufacturing processes carried out in the country. The most common choice for this purpose is sea transportation from China, which is distinguished by its many advantages over other forms of transportation. Is it worth it to start transport from China by sea?

Why is the transportation of goods from China to Poland so popular?

Both the import and export of goods outside the European Union for some people can be quite troublesome due to the need to know the rules and procedures related to tax fees or customs duties. However, thanks to professional shipping and transportation companies that handle all the formalities comprehensively, more and more entrepreneurs are choosing to trade abroad and import various goods using containers. China is one of the countries at the forefront of such imports worldwide.

Sea transportation from China to Poland is very profitable mainly due to the relatively low cost of products and prices offered in the markets there. Even after deducting shipping costs, necessary fees and customs duties, the amounts are so attractive that it is definitely more advantageous to import a given commodity from China than to produce it in Poland.

What are the advantages of transporting goods from China to Poland?

Sea transportation now accounts for as much as 80% of the world’s trade volume. Although it takes longer to deliver goods this way than by air or rail, it is the most economically advantageous option. Containers from China can also contain unusual bulky items during transit, such as large machinery, vehicles and other non-standard products that would be impossible to transport by any other route.

The transport of goods from China to Poland can also include general cargo, hence a service for multiple customers (cargo consolidation) can be carried out within a single container. Then the cost of carriage is adjusted to the size of the shipment being transported, and thus it can be really attractive.

How long does it take to transport from China to Poland?

When answering the question of how long it takes to transport from China to Poland, it is necessary to take into account the port from which the cargo departs, as well as the route that the cargo must then take to reach the right address in the country. Typically, however, sea transportation from China to Poland takes between 4 and 7 weeks.

Transport from China, as well as the completion of all fees and formalities related to the procedure, can be outsourced to a professional shipping company, which will take care of the safety and correctness of the entire process. This allows the entrepreneur to focus on the development of the company and planning of future activities.

Nowadays, shipping is carried out with an increasingly newer fleet and with advanced systems for recording shipments, so that the ordered and paid for goods arrive safely at their destination. In case of possible loss, it is possible to precisely locate them and deliver them at a slightly later date.