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Sea transportation from the US to Poland is still a very common option for importing various types of goods. No less popular is also the export and sea transport to the USA. In both cases, it is necessary to organize many documents and complete the applicable tax and customs fees. It is also crucial to choose a shipping company that will handle the transportation in a professional and comprehensive manner. How much does it take to ship from Poland to the US and how to organize sea transportation of goods?

Container shipping from the US to Poland – what can be transported?

Maritime transport is used by more and more existing companies that are growing and expanding into new markets, as well as individuals who are just starting their business. Container shipping makes it possible to transport almost anything. So from the US to Poland, as well as from Poland to the US, you can transport chemicals, cosmetics, food, clothing and many other goods.
With the help of containers, it is also possible to transport various types of equipment or heavy machinery of non-standard dimensions used for construction or agricultural work.

Sea transportation to the USA – what are its advantages?

Both sea transportation from the USA to Poland and to the United States from our country have many advantages. This is an option that makes it possible to transport large-sized cargo in a comfortable and economical way. Compared to the air route, sea transportation to the US is much cheaper. The cost of container transportation can also be shared with other entrepreneurs (applies to general sea transport), so this form of delivering items to the US can sometimes be extremely cost-effective.

Transport by sea also makes it possible to transport items of unusual dimensions and goods of various types, which can not always be transported by air. Sea transportation to the USA is organized by professional shipping companies, which take care of all formalities in a comprehensive manner on behalf of the entrepreneur. This is a great convenience and a guarantee that the service will be performed at the highest level.

How much does a ship sail from Poland to the US?

Maritime transportation from the US to Poland, as well as in the opposite direction, largely depends on the location of the port from which the cargo leaves in the United States, or to which it is directed from our country. Ships whose destinations are points on the east coast of the continent are the fastest to arrive. Shipments addressed to destinations in the central part of the country or further west take a little longer.

However, the usual answer to the question of how long a ship sails from Poland to the US is 3 to 4 weeks if the destination is the east coast. In the case of the west coast, you need to add the time needed for the carriage of goods, which, after reaching the port, usually continues already by land. Then it is about 5 to 7 weeks.