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Opportunities, objectives and significance

The New Silk Road is a giant intercontinental project under the initiative of the Chinese government, first presented in 2013 in Kazakhstan.

The Chinese concept is based on the development of two modes of transport: sea and rail.

The New Silk Road is a network of multiple rail routes and ports. The land-based “Belt” is to connect China with Central Asia and Europe. The maritime “Road”, on the other hand, is to connect the Far East with the Middle East and Africa.

The rise of rail transport from China to the European Union is not insignificant in this situation, but despite the rate of increase in the volume of cargo transported by rail, it is still not much compared to cargo transported by sea.

Nevertheless rail transport, being developed as part of the New Silk Road, allows for faster delivery of goods. In November 2019, a train from the city of Xi’an reached the Gdansk terminal in 10 days.

Significance of the New Silk Road

The main purpose of creating the New Silk Road is to boost trade and cooperation between the countries involved in the project.

Within the framework of the New Silk Road, Poland has the opportunity to become a link between Asia and Western Europe. For Poland, betting on this initiative means numerous investments in the development of significant infrastructure in the country.

As estimated by the Centre for Economics and Business Research (CEBR), by 2040 Poland’s GDP may gain as much as $48 billion from the development of the New Silk Road.

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