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When shopping at the grocery store, none of us wonders  where the many and varied products come from. It’s normal for us to go to the nearest store and buy canned pineapple or sun-dried tomatoes. And yet coffee, tea, exotic spices or nuts are not grown in Poland. Tuna and mackerel are fish that cannot be found in the Baltic Sea.

Few of us consumers realize that most goods come to us in containers.

This is where we, ALLcom – the market leader in food handling – come into play.

For over 25 years the company has built a strong relationship with the owners of the largest and most famous Polish brands. Many years of cooperation results in the largest number of applications for border control, prepared by our experienced forwarding agents.

Our employees daily complete hundreds of documents necessary for the introduction various foodstuffs to trade on the territory of our country.

We are the bridge between importers and Polish phytosanitary inspection services such as Border Veterinary Inspector, Sanepid, Wijhars and Piorin.

Our customers trust us because they know that every order entrusted to us is handled by a dedicated forwarder who knows his customer and adapts to his requirements. We have the knowledge what to do with the received documents, we know it inside out.

Each day for us, forwarders, is a new challenge. What does a day bring?

Another container of apricots, raisins or green tea?

In our work there is no routine, but knowledge and experience.

For ALLcom nothing is impossible.