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Working in freight forwarding involves many challenges that keep both forwarders and customers awake at night. Fortunately, both have the opportunity to buy insurance to protect themselves in case of problems. Among the most commonly selected insurances are: OCP, OCS and CARGO.


What is OCP insurance?


OCP stands for carrier liability. It is an insurance designed for transport companies that distribute goods in domestic or international traffic on a daily basis. The OCP policy guarantees the safety of the driver, the vehicles in the fleet, as well as the goods transported. It is usually concluded for a period of 12 months, and the main advantage of this solution is the transfer of financial liability to the insurer in the event of non-performance or improper performance of the task of transporting goods. The terms and conditions of OCP insurance are set individually between the carrier and the insurer.


OCS, or freight forwarder’s liability


OCS insurance is aimed at freight forwarding companies that provide services of organizing the transportation of goods. As in the case of an OCP policy, forwarder’s liability means the transfer of financial obligations arising from the non-performance or improper performance of an assigned task from the forwarder to the insurance company. In this case, however, the “task to be performed” includes all the activities involved in preparing and transporting the cargo from point A to point B. These include inspection of the goods, preparation for transport, loading, transportation and unloading, depending on the contractual terms.


CARGO insurance – what is it?


CARGO is nothing more than cargo insurance. It is worth opting for it, because even if the carrier or forwarder has separate insurances, they are often subject to all sorts of legal riders, such as insurance up to a specific value of the goods. A CARGO policy covers the full financial scope, additionally protecting the goods in case of a fortuitous event, robbery, fleet accident, theft or damage during loading or unloading.


CARGO insurance covers goods transported by road, sea, rail and air. It also makes no difference whether the goods are new or used.


At ALLcom, we strongly encourage customers to take out CARGO insurance. It’s an additional safety net in case of fortuitous events beyond the control of shipping companies. We will be happy to tell you more about this type of insurance and help you choose the right offer. Every day we do our best to make you satisfied with our services, and spreading awareness of proven solutions is our priority.