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Development of rail transport from China to Poland

The New Silk Road project, first presented in 2013 in Kazakhstan, is an intercontinental initiative by the Chinese government to develop the infrastructure needed to transport goods. We discussed the project itself more extensively in a dedicated post – The New Silk Road.. This time we will focus on one of the elements of the Chinese project – railroad transport from China to Poland.

Poland, being the largest country in Central-Eastern Europe and at the same time the closest country to China within the European Union, has become an important intermediary in the transport of goods from China to other EU countries. Due to this strategic location, Poland is often referred to as the gateway to Europe. This situation gave and still gives an opportunity to develop Polish infrastructure, and consequently – more workplaces.

The rail transport of goods from China to Poland, invariably since the start of the New Silk Road activities, is growing in popularity. Over the last two years in particular, this mode of transport has recorded its highest growth to date. This has been linked not only to the measures taken to enable faster, better coordinated and more locally accessible railroads, but also to the situation of maritime transport. Increasing container rates (both new and used) during the pandemic, as well as the sheer shortage of these containers, convinced many businesses to switch to rail.

The growth in rail transport is best illustrated by the numbers – especially in terms of the number of trains running on the Poland-China line. In 2019, there were 8825 trains, and in 2020 this number increased by more than 40%. And in the first half of 2021, 43% more journeys were made than in the same period in 2020. In 2016-2020, imports of goods from China to the EU grew by 26.9% on average. Increases in the importance of rail in freight transport were part of the New Silk Road initiative. Each year, new records are set related to the number of train journeys on the Poland-China route. Since the announcement of the Chinese project, it has been possible not only to systematically increase the number, but also to maintain the stability and regularity of connections.

It is worth mentioning, however, that irrespective of growing popularity, rail transport, in the context of all transport channels, carries a few percent of all goods coming from China to the EU.

Arranging transport of goods from China to Poland

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