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In the transport and logistics industry, a very important role is played by the fleet and the organization of transport, loading and unloading, the applicable regulations, but also the places where certain goods are stored. The most important facilities of this type include a temporary storage warehouse and a bonded warehouse. What are the differences between them and what exactly do they serve?

What are the characteristics of a temporary storage warehouse?

A facility referred to as a temporary storage warehouse is a place designed to store various types of cargo for a maximum of 90 days. At the same time, these items must not be subject to any interference related to, for example, changing the appearance of the goods of products, repairs or their properties.
A temporary storage warehouse is a facility that, among other things, is used when waiting for the completion of the documentation needed to place the goods under another customs procedure, the need to perform additional activities, testing of articles or in the situation of dealing with additional formalities for customs and tax settlements.

What is a bonded warehouse?

A bonded warehouse is a type of warehouse that is designed to store cargo delivered from outside the European Union. It receives goods that, in accordance with applicable law, can be subjected to customary operations aimed at preserving these goods in an unaltered state, improving their appearance or commercial quality.

Goods placed under the customs warehousing procedure may also fail to meet safety criteria and requirements. Then, on the basis of precise and individual arrangements, corrective actions are carried out so that these products can be marked with CE marks. The list of permitted customary operations is Annex 71-03 of Commission Delegated Regulation (EU) 2015/2446.

Temporary storage warehouse and bonded warehouse – key differences

Unlike a temporary storage warehouse from a bonded warehouse, a specific cargo can be divided into parts, cartons or individual pieces. Then various fees and taxes are charged on the specific quantity of the assortment being moved out. A bonded warehouse is also a facility where storage of goods can take place indefinitely. It is a place where goods can be prepared for distribution or resale.

Both a customs warehouse and a temporary storage warehouse are offered by professional logistics and shipping companies. It is, moreover, assistance in carrying out the necessary activities, completing the necessary documentation and organizing the activities necessary for the release of goods from the stored cargo.