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Fuels are classified as dangerous goods, which makes the rules for their transportation strictly defined by law. We are talking about the ADR international convention on the carriage of dangerous goods by road, the RID regulations for the international carriage of dangerous goods by rail and the Act of August 19, 2011 on the carriage of dangerous goods (Journal of Laws No. 227, item 1367). The latter document contains, among other things, information on the transportation of fuels by sea, which is the most popular way of supplying this commodity. The world transports the most crude oil and its derivatives, but a large percentage of imported products are also gasoline, gas and chemicals.

How are fuels transported by sea?

Touching on the topic of transporting fuels by sea, it is important to realize that there are solid fuels and liquid fuels. Solids include coal, coke and anthracite, among others, used most often for home heating. Liquid fuels, on the other hand, are usually crude oil, kerosene, heating oil, gasoline or liquid natural gas LNG.

Solid fuels are usually transported using containers. Liquid fuels are placed aboard tankers, tankers, gas carriers and chemical tankers. In both cases, the loading and unloading process is not a major problem and, depending on the type of fuel, is carried out with the help of cranes or systems of moving pipes, pipelines and pumping equipment. When transporting liquid fuels by sea, it is necessary to constantly monitor the temperature of the transported substances and the pressure of the gas above the liquid, as well as to regularly check the tightness of the hull. Even the smallest leak could result in an environmental disaster, with serious legal consequences.

Transportation of fuels by sea – ALLcom

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