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Transportation and the efficient organization of the carriage of various types of articles are now one of the key processes that determine the development of trade and the economy. Activities related to the implementation of the delivery and receipt of cargo both at home and abroad are handled by forwarding companies and freight forwarders. What exactly are their duties and what are the responsibilities of those who work in such positions?

Who is a freight forwarder?

A freight forwarder is a person who is responsible for the comprehensive management of the process of organizing the transportation of goods in accordance with specific deadlines and safety guidelines from the place of shipment to the point of receipt. These activities take into account possible obstacles and inconveniences, as well as how to solve them in case of such an event.
The task of the freight forwarder is to accurately plan the optimal route for the passage of vehicles with a specific cargo or people depending on the specific order. Such specialized services can be provided both by individuals who specialize in the field of freight forwarding, and by companies – legal entities.

What are the duties of a freight forwarder?

In addition to the detailed planning of the route, the forwarder’s duties also include the insurance handling of shipments and the selection of the right mode of transportation for the cargo being transported. The forwarding activities here take into account both the type of goods and the question of whether the transport will take place by land, sea or air.
The freight forwarder is also responsible for overseeing the smooth and safe transportation of goods, and coordinates loading as well as unloading.
Freight forwarding can be carried out through domestic as well as international transportation. In the case of organizing out-of-country transportation, the freight forwarder is required to know the transportation laws and related regulations of the country or countries along the route. It is also a necessity to organize all the documents necessary for the realization of the transport (including those related to customs clearance) and knowledge of specialized marking of shipments.

What predispositions are useful in the work of a freight forwarder?

A good freight forwarder is a person who should be distinguished by several characteristic predispositions for this profession. Among the most important of these are organizational and negotiating skills, resistance to stress or ease of networking. It is also advisable to know foreign languages, have divisibility of attention and be distinguished by the ability to think strategically and analytically.
Freight forwarders most often monitor multiple orders and transport processes simultaneously. Those who work in this position, therefore, on a daily basis also have to deal with various software, systems and modern equipment to facilitate the organization and monitoring of transport. A good freight forwarder should also keep his or her knowledge of transportation regulations in force both at home and abroad up to date.